The famous french AAW now has it's exclusive toyline, and it's FREE to download!

Each AAW Cubee features interlocking tabs for construction, so there's no need for tape or glue.
To download, simply click on the model you'd like then save the template image.

Our exclusive toys are designed to be printed on a standard piece of 8 1/2 X 11 A4 paper.

Check back often as there will be at least a new character (or a set of accessories or even a playset) posted every week!
Thats's right! A new AAW Cubee toy up for grab every week, and sometimes more!
Plus the chance to get an exclusive limited edition Secret Character each time a series is fully posted!

Don't miss your chance to possess all the AAW Cubees, expose them everywhere at your place or at your office, impress your friends, get the girls, live large, collect them all!


Bayou Hillbilly Super Cabron Warduke Hermanito LIMITED EDITION!
Sorry, not available anymore ^^
Justin Sayne Dang O'Hara Paper Carbon Elip Vice LIMITED EDITION!
"Battle Damaged"
Dang O'Hara
Sorry, not available anymore ^^
Perfect Cel "2008" Elip Vice Rocko
Alpha Mad Amadeus Krazy Ivan Api LIMITED EDITION!
Deluxe Warduke
Sorry, not available anymore ^^
Mc WeeWee
In Scenic Outfit
Phantomette L'Etalon Nouar

La Bibiothèque Rose is a french Electro-Rap band. They're friends with Super Cabron, they're crazy insane, they love tattoos, livin la vida loca and good music. So yes, they are like family. The kind of family you leave in your basement so no one can see them, but family anyway.
You can check them out on their
Myspace page.

Rico Suave
(Uses 3 sheets!)
Chili Con Carnage El Cockaroo Pepe Gourdino LIMITED EDITION!
Azteca Negra
"Calendar Version"
Super Cabron Chris Wear AAW's Official Ring + Special Referee Attire
Azteca Negra El Stinger Sr. Mascara De Mierda Eduardo Monje LIMITED EDITION!
Unmasked Stinger Sr. "Sr. Vizcarro"

Disclaimer: AAW Cubees are based on the CUBEECRAFT template created by Christopher Beaumont. They are to be shared freely and only downloaded from this website. Commercial use of this content is strictly forbidden. Every character, accessory, playset in this website is copyrighted and trademark Cubees, alternate content and website designs by Phil Vizcarro. All rights reserved.