Okay, so you've printed your AAW Cubee, and you're ready to start cutting. But the problem is, you've got no idea how not to mess this phase up. Well my friend, this page is for you.

There are few ways to correctly print your AAW Cubeecraft toys explained below:

Black tabs - You'll see two kinds of black tabs. one has an arrow type shape and the other is bigger and has a white line in its center. Well what you gotta do is cut the white line so when you fold the piene you're working on, the arrow type tab gets inside the cut line. Got it? Its more or less like clipping stuff, if we can call paper "stuff".

Orange/pink lines - On the sides of the body and sometimes in ither places, you'll notice orange or pink straight lines. Just like the white lines, you've got to open these lines, as other elements will be clipsed in them.

Repeated elements - Like Bayou Hillbilly's hair, some pieces look doubled. It's mainly because our AAW Cubees are top notch high quality fully 3D models. You just have to fold these pieces to have the unprinted faces one against the other. This way, either way you look at your outstanging AAW Cubee Art Toy, you won't see any white parts.

The fact is that we won't be giving you all the clues to fold your figures. We like to think that you'll have to think a little bit while giving life to your favorite AAW Cubee.

Anyway, we'll be posting a complete cutting/folding video soon. So don't panic, after watching this video, you'll be an expert folder in no time!