1. What is AAW?

The AAW (Anytime Anywhere Wrestling) is a french organization that aims to promote lucha libre by many means. We've made a web series (which had 3 seasons), a comic book, a 2008 calendar, we work with musicians, movie makers, photographers, skaters, pro-wrestling organizations, we've released a Web TV, made urban shows... Recently, we wanted to have exclusive AAW figures. Shortly after that, this website was born. You can check our vast original universe in our official website.

2. How does the series system works?

Basically it's pretty simple. Each series has 4 figures + 1 limited edition secret figure. We will release a new series each month, 1 figure per week. Once the 4 figures are out, we'll release a special limited edition figure! This Limited Edition Cubee will be available until the following series is fully posted, which means you'll get one month to grab it, then it will never be available again.

3. When is the website updated?

Each and every week! We aim to have our regular updates on wednesdays, so expect to see something new at least every wednesday. Plus surprises may popup at times on the website, surprises like really limited editions, bonus figures, displays on whatever comes mo our minds.

4. Are the AAW Cubees really free? What's the catch?

In this hyper-consumerist world, we like to think that sharing some cool stuff for free is a way of saying "Screw you Big Brother! I do what I want anyway! Now give me back my Internet connexion so I can order some pizza!". So there's basically no catch at all. Just the risk that you could become addicted to our AAW Cubees. Yeah we know, we're way cooler than anyone in your block.

5. How do I print the designs?

Check out the printing help page here, that should help.

6. What kind of paper should I use?

When we test our prototypes, we usually use standard photo paper. The semi glossy paper gives a cool look to the AAW Cubees. At least if your printer supports it. If you're poor, or just lazy, any kind of paper should be fine. Let's say "the thicker, the better", but don't try using any kind of cardboard that would mess up your printer. And if you do, remember an important point: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU DIE WHILE PRINTING A AAW CUBEE!
Thanks for your understanding.

7. What does the scissors means?

It means you don't run holding them. As for their meaning here, in theory 1 scissor is the easiest and 5 is the hardest. That being said, every AAW Cubee is designed to be as easily as possible to build. There may be some 4 scissors coming up but hey, you don't get outstanding toys without making any effort.
As for getting an idea of how to read our difficulty rating, here's an explanation:

LEVEL 1. Basically: Cut & fold. No special cutting, no additional piece. Just the standart Cubee.
LEVEL 2. With these ones, you'll probably have to cut some shapes with an extracto (or cutter), like a beard, a glove or some other detail.
LEVEL 3. Now we're talking. Level three asks you to add special parts (like Bayou's hair or Warduke's horns) to your cubee.
LEVEL 4. Level 4 cubees will probably need more than one page, as there are various items that will need to be attached. Stuff you would not be able to do if you lack patience... or skills.
LEVEL 5. Hell on earth. You'll probably need some friends to help you out with this one. You may cry or scream, if that helps...

. I missed one of the limited edition models! Where can I find it?

Too bad. Maybe next time you'll spend less time on shady websites and more on this one. This way, you'll get the limited editions when they are available. What? You've just discovered the website so there was no chance you could get last limited editions? Dude. WHAT WERE YOU DOING ON THE INTERNET if you wern't here, downloading our AAW Cubees like crazy?
Well the fact is that "LIMITED EDITION" speaks for itself. If you don't get it while it's hot, then it's too bad.

9. Do you take requests?

Do you have a sister? Is she cute? Does she wear 2 pieces swimsuit? If so, we may come to an understanding. And if you do not have a sister, or if she's scary ugly, well just ask what you'd like to see here. Maybe if we find the idea funny, we'll do it.

10. Do you have a newsletter program?

Yup. And it gives you access to exclusive content, more time to get the special editions, and the freshest news possible. Just click there!